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How to maximize your vape battery’s life? Can a vape battery overcharge? What is the best charger to use? And most importantly, how can I stay safe while working with vape batteries and equipment? These are all questions we hope to answer in this Vape Guide to Safety and Battery Health.

Anyone looking to start vaping may have concerns about the safety of a vape battery, and even veteran vapers may not be taking perfect care of their batteries. Maybe you’ve noticed that your mod’s battery life is declining, or maybe you were out and about and noticed that your battery had gone bad, leaving you without a vape. Not to worry – we’re here to ensure you take all the necessary precautions to prevent any battery-related mishap in the future.

So why is it important to take care of your vape mod’s battery?

The short answer is so that your vape batteries last longer and have an extended life. Battery care is not only important to the longevity of the vaping mod, but also to the user. The importance of battery safety cannot be understated. Often times the sour rumours of “vape mods exploding” or “catching fire” can often be attributed to poor battery care and negligence. Exercising proper battery care not only improves your own safety, but also helps build a good reputation for vaping as a healthier alternative to tobacco smoking.

Let’s get to it. When working with any electronic device, safety is always of paramount importance.  Here are 10 things you can do to keep yourself and your battery safe from damage while also increasing your battery’s life span:

  1. Make sure your battery is a quality product and always handle it with care. If the battery appears damaged in any way, don’t use it.
  2. This may seem obvious, but make sure you’re putting your battery in the right way!
  3. Keep your battery wrapping intact. Many users tend to carry around spare batteries that are unprotected, instead of using a battery case, and this can potentially cause the battery’s wrapping to become damaged. A damaged wrapping makes for an unsafe battery. Also make sure you never use batteries without a wrapping.
  4. Make sure your batteries are being stored at a safe temperature, ideally somewhere between 10-40 degrees celsius.
  5. Use the correct charger for your device, as well as the right wall-plug adapter. Mixing and matching different chargers and adapters to your device can potentially overload the battery, which can cause it to burst.
  6. Never leave any charging devices or active equipment unattended.
  7. ALWAYS ensure that you’re working within the limits of your equipment. Be careful when it comes to building for extremely low resistance, and be completely sure that you know what you’re doing. Research Ohm’s Law for vaping, and practice every safety precaution.
  8. Don’t overcharge or over-discharge your battery. Leaving your battery to charge for longer than necessary, or allowing your battery to run completely flat can actually drain your battery’s strength. A good quality smart charger can let you know where your battery is running so that you don’t let your battery run over full or completely flat.
  9. If, by accident, you let your battery run too low, charge it at the slowest rate that your charger can support.
  10. Always let your battery cool down to a safe temperature after using it before your charge it. Inversely, let them also cool down after charging them before you use them.

In conclusion, safety is priority, and when it comes to live electronics, this point is emphasized. Many baseless “vape explosion” rumours (often caused by poor battery care) can put people off of switching from tobacco cigarettes, so it’s our responsibility to make sure we set a good example by taking care of our mods and devices.

Be safe, fellow vapers, and happy vaping!