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Vaping vs. Smoking

If you have been smoking for years now, you may be feeling the creeps of developing smoking-related issues. However, the safest alternative (if you are unable to quit the habit once and for all) is e-cigarettes. The process is called vaping. It’s nothing but inhalation of vapour from your electronic cigarette. The light foggy vapour contains nicotine with a base of vegetable glycerin (VG) or propylene glycol (PG) or both.

Vaping is scientifically proven as a healthier and safer option than smoking tobacco cigarettes. It has been found that vaping doesn’t affect your aorta by stiffening it. Moreover, it keeps your oxygen levels intact and doesn’t harm your cardiovascular and respiratory systems. But you will be able to reap the benefits of vaping only if you know how to do it properly. It’s natural to make mistakes while moving from tobacco to e-cigarettes for the first time. But such mistakes can prove harmful if repeated over a period of time.

Common vaping mistakes to avoid:

Investing in a wrong device

If you want to go for an electronic cigarette, make sure you invest in a good one. While “good” may seem very subjective, you should consider the experience of using it. There are different models available in the marketplace. Ensure that your device offers low maintenance, easy-to-use mechanism, and an appealing design – at least if you’re new to using it. It would be a waste if you buy an inferior-quality device at a cheap price but end up spending double in maintaining or repairing it.

Blindly choosing the e-juice

Once you buy your electronic cigarette, the next thing to keep in mind is the e-juice. More often than not, people buy e-juices that look good and fill their vaporizer without considering the properties of the juices. The most important thing to consider while buying e-juice is the PG to VG ratio. If you are getting thinner vapour or a sore throat, you might have to increase the VG ratio. Getting the perfect ratio of PG to VG would ensure a smooth vaping experience.

Ignoring the coil and maintenance

The burnt taste, which many new vapers complain of, comes when you leave the coil for too long. Typically, the coil of your vaporizer needs replacement every 7 to 21 days. Not changing the coil for long leads to “vape tongue”, which makes it difficult for vapers to taste the flavor of the juice. In order to ensure a good taste, you should pay special attention to the coil’s maintenance. You should wait for 5 to 10 minutes after you install a new coil so that the cotton wick is saturated by the e-juice. This doesn’t give a burnt taste.

Buying e-juice with too little or too much nicotine

Smokers smoke cigarettes for getting the nicotine hit. If you are switching from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, you may land up making a mistake while determining the strength of the e-juice. You should keep the following in mind while buying e-juice:

  • 18 mg nicotine liquids for heavy smokers
  • 12 mg nicotine liquids for medium smokers
  • 3 mg nicotine levels for light smokers

Buying e-juice with too much nicotine can cause nausea and headaches. On the other hand, buying e-juice with too little nicotine doesn’t satiate users and tempts them to go back to smoking cigarettes.

Vaping like a smoker

Last but certainly not the least, people make the mistake of using their e-cigarettes as actual tobacco cigarettes. It’s not their fault actually. Years of smoking has made them used to take quick, hard puffs. But if you are thinking you would get a thick cloud of vapour and a nice nicotine hit by doing so, you are mistaken. In order to get the best result, you should take long puffs, inhale softly, and blow out the vapour. You are sure to get a decent amount of cloud and the much-needed satisfaction by vaping this way.